Why Employ an Architect?


“ Chartered Architects can help you realise your objectives and guide you through the design and construction process. They provide a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings – they’ll handle the paperwork, bring value for money, peace of mind and imagination to your project whilst keeping it on track. ”


“ ARB issues a code of conduct for architects and keeps it under review. The code is intended as guidance for architects in their professional lives, and we can take action against those who fall short of the code’s standards. By doing so, we ensure that the integrity of the profession is maintained, and members of the public can be confident that in hiring an architect for their building project, they are securing the services of a genuine professional.


“ Whether you want to extend your existing home, restore an old property or build a new one, it makes sense to call in an architect’s help. From suggestions on how to make the best use of space and light, to fittings, materials and fixtures, the professional input can give the smallest of projects the wow factor. An architect can help you through the pitfalls of the planning process, the minefield of building regulations, obtain competitive quotes from contractors, deal with the builders, and even run the project to ensure your best laid plans are turned into reality.